World Class Oils and Vinegars

We challenge you to find better…anywhere!  It literally took 2 years for us to research and taste-test our way through the world of Oils and Balsamics until we found these.  We have third-party laboratory certificates proving the Extra Virgin Olive Oils are 100% pure (FYI: almost all Olive Oils are mixed with other oils to cheapen them up!). The Balsamics are simply the best we have ever tasted and flavoured with 100% natural flavours.  They start with 80% grape must (juice) NOT the usual 20% which means they are thick and bursting with flavour – frankly they are good enough for ice-cream!  If you are nervous, try a small bottle and experience what we did when we judged them to be our hands down winner! (In fact, we are one of the few companies in Canada to ever find this source!).  Each bottle is hand-poured in our store from one of our stainless steel Fusti..then, capped and sealed just for you.